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    Big Bird Trying To Dance Salsa On "Sesame Street" Is Literally All Of Us

    Brought to you by the letter C...for Celia.

    Who could ever forget about our flamboyant "Queen of Salsa" almighty Celia Cruz — the latin music extraordinaire, who electrified millions with her soulful voice and her emphatic "¡AZÚCAR!"

    Well, back in 1987, she appeared in an episode of Sesame Street, alongside Big Bird. And what starts as a trivial conversation about birds turns into a salsa dance session before your very eyes:

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    Now, the adorable part of this video is Big Bird's TOTAL LACK of salsa-dancing skills.

    He's got that wide-eyed look on his face, the same one your non-Latino friend has when they step into an OG Miami salsa club for the first time.

    But Big Bird DGAF and he SHAKES that big, beautiful, yellow booty like there's no tomorrow.

    Homie gets into it. After all, how many opportunities does one get to dance with the Queen of Salsa?

    And then it ends with Celia's trademark "¡AZÚCAR!"

    And we're left with this beautiful image of Celia Cruz and Big Bird, whose face is like, "OMG, I can't believe that just fucking happened!"

    Watch the whole thing here:

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