This Is What Happened When We Tried Out A Hot Sauce Made With Scorpion Peppers

    Insert fire emoji here.

    This is Shit the Bed.

    The key ingredient here is the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chillies, which is one of the hottest chillies around.

    Never ones to back out of a challenge, three BuzzFeed writers thought we'd try it out because...why the fuck not?

    Initial Thoughts:

    Alex: I love spicy food, but when I saw that this thing had scorpion pepper in it, I was like "maybe this is a terrible idea and I'm going to die in a puddle of my own waste." Also, it said it was a "12/10" in terms of heat which, while probably highly unscientific, is still a little intimidating.

    Pablo: Honestly, I think "Shit the Bed" is just an exaggeration. I'm not the biggest fan of overly spicy things, but this is probably going to be milder than a stale Hot Cheetoh. The flames on the bottle are a mind trick, if anything.

    Norberto: I dig spicy. I have some acid reflux right now so this is probably not the best thing in the world to consume. On the other hand, I'm really curious about what a scorpion chili hot sauce tastes like. So....BRING ON THE TUMS.

    This is what happened:


    Thoughts: The sauce itself was pretty tasty; it wasn't just all heat and no flavor. But it lulls you into thinking everything is OK and then -- BOOM -- the tip of your tongue and your entire throat are on fire.


    Thoughts: I was wrong, very wrong. It wasn’t bad at all taste-wise, but no amount of yogurt could fix the burn my tongue felt in that moment. I can safely say that I’ve basically tasted fire.

    (Pablo eating yogurt to put out the fire.)


    Norberto: It's sweet and citrusy in the beginning and then your mouth slowly starts to light up on fire. And then the flames go down your throat and it feels like Lucifer scratching the walls of your esophagus. The fire is raging hard on this one, but so is the flavor...and I like it. I would try this with some tacos al pastor.


    Verdict: TRY IT! And feel the burn!

    You can go ahead and buy it here!