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16 Seriously Fucked-Up Facts About Serial Killers That Will Horrify You

Welcome to the dark side of humanity.

1. From 1939 to 1940, Leonarda Cianciulli from Montella in southern Italy killed three middle-aged women, turning one of them into bars of soap, which she distributed amongst her friends.

"Her flesh was fat and white," Cuanciulli wrote in her memoir. "When it had melted, I added a bottle of cologne, and after a long time on the boil I was able to make some most acceptable creamy soap. I gave bars to neighbors and acquaintances."

2. Cleveland-based restaurant Ray's Sausage spent nearly $30,000 trying to combat a foul odor they were accused of emitting into the neighborhood. It was later discovered that the odor actually came from their next-door neighbor Anthony Sowell, a serial killer who was keeping his victims' decomposing bodies.

Sowell was sentenced to death for the murder of 11 women.

3. Serial killer Rodney Alcala, who's suspected of having killed up to 130 people according to some reports, appeared on The Dating Game and was chosen as the winning bachelor:

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Alcala is currently on death row, guilty of murdering five people in California and two in New York. His final death count is currently unknown.

4. In Pakistan, a judge convicted serial killer Javed Iqbal of murdering 100 children. The killer was sentenced to be strangled with an iron chain, chopped into pieces, and dissolved in acid in front of the victims' parents.

Davealan / Getty Images

However, Iqbal would be found dead in his cell under mysterious circumstances.

5. In Wichita, Kansas, Dennis Rader, the BTK killer, was caught after sending a floppy disk to police. In a prior message, Rader asked the police if it would be safe to "communicate with a floppy and not be traced to a computer." The police basically responded, "Yeah, sure.", Weerachonoat / Getty Images

The floppy disk was traced back to a computer at the Christ Lutheran Church, which led to Rader, who was president of the church council. Rader was arrested in 2005. He is currently serving consecutive life sentences for the deaths of 10 people.

6. Richard Trenton Chase, who drank the blood and cannibalized the remains of his victims, would only enter victims' houses that had unlocked doors., Fstop123 / Getty Images

Chase killed six people in a span of a month in the late '70s. He told detectives that he took locked doors as a sign that he was not welcome.

He died in 1980 in his cell, due to an overdose of prescription drugs.

7. Vlado Taneski, a Macedonian journalist, was arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer. The journalist had written several articles that included details the police had not made public, and that only the killer would've known.

Cosmin4000 / Getty Images

His DNA had matched the semen that was found on the victims. Taneski was found dead in his cell, his head dunked in a bucket of water. Police said it "seemed like a suicide."

8. In Anchorage, Alaska, Robert Hansen was arrested and convicted of killing 17 women in a 12-year span through the '70s and '80s. He would often abduct and release his victims, only to hunt them down in the Alaskan wilderness with a rifle., Brytta / Getty Images

Hansen died on Aug. 21, 2014, while still in prison.

9. John Wayne Gacy, the so-called Killer Clown, actually met first lady Rosalynn Carter in 1978, six years after he began murdering people.,

Gacy killed 33 teenage boys and young men throughout the '70s.

10. In 1970, Ted Bundy saved a 3-and-a-half-year-old toddler from drowning. No one had actually seen the toddler wander away except for Bundy, who sprang into action to save the child.

Bundy confessed to 30 homicides throughout the '70s, but the actual number of victims might be much higher. He died on the electric chair on Jan. 24, 1989.

11. Kenneth Bianchi, one half of the Hillside Strangler duo, who raped and murdered 10 women, applied for a job with the LAPD, and actually participated in some ride-alongs.

In these ride-alongs, the topic of conversation would usually be the Hillside Strangler murders.

12. H.H. Holmes, considered "America's first serial killer," would sell his victims' skeletons to medical schools.

Holmes is infamous for his "Murder Castle," a hotel he constructed with the specific purpose of killing his guests.

13. After his wife left him for another man, Albert Fish tacked needles into his groin and abdomen, whacked himself with a nail-studded paddle, and inserted a piece of cloth drenched in lighter fluid into his anus, which he then set on fire.

14. Henry Lucas once refused to join his partner Ottis Toole in eating a human leg that he filleted and barbecued. His reason: "I don't like barbecue sauce."

Toole died in prison in 1996, due to cirrhosis. Lucas died while in prison in 2001, due to heart failure.

15. Danny Rolling, the Gainesville Ripper, would pose his victims' corpses to accentuate the shock value. He left the head of one of his victims on a bookshelf, while her body was left in a seated position.

Rolling was sentenced to death for the murders of five college students in Gainesville, Florida, in 1990. He was executed on Oct. 25, 2006.

16. And finally, Robert "Willie" Pickton would grind up his victims in a woodchipper and feed them to his pigs.

Darcymaulsby / Getty Images

He confessed to killing 49 women, wanting to kill one more so he could even the tally at 50. He's currently serving a life sentence in Canada.

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