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Everyone’s Loving This Charming Man Selling Horchata In A Suit

Talk about dress to impress.

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Welcome became a viral sensation after RTV Honduras, a local news outlet, highlighted his story in a Facebook video. The video has over 2.6 million views, and has been shared over 77,000 times to date.


Because of financial hardship, Welcome was forced to drop out of college. But he hopes to one day to make enough money to pay off his student loans and go back to school.

Facebook: RTVHN

Welcome also supports his wife and young son with the money he makes from his horchata street vending business.

When asked by RTV if he'd be open to people helping him out, he responded, "If people want to help me out with something, help me out with my studies and buy an horchata. You'll like it and you'll come back for more!"

You can watch the whole video here:

Facebook: video.php

H/T Latin Times