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    28 Adorable BFF Moments Between Two Animal Friends

    Brace yourself for cuteness overload.

    BEHOLD! The greatest friendship in the world:

    Pan-Kun (right) and James (left) are two Japanese sensations. They have their own show, properly titled Genius! Shimura Zoo, where they go around performing everyday tasks like shopping for shoes, delivering lunches, and going grocery shopping. The two have provided the world with unbelievably cute moments like...

    1. The time that James took the lead and ran at the speed of light.

    2. When Pan-Kun showed off his people skills.

    3. The time they successfully delivered this man his lunch.

    4. There was that one time when the two were chillin' on a hillside and then James' ball rolled out of his backpack.

    5. So he chased after it and stopped it.

    6. And then Pan-Kun put it back in his backpack because that's what friends do.

    7. While on a beach stroll with James, Pan-Kun confused a rubber glove for a shoe.

    8. But luckily, Pan-Kun found the perfect pair of yellow boots.

    9. And then paid for them.

    All the while James is chillin' outside.

    10. When Pan-Kun and James found themselves lost at an amusement park, they comforted each other.

    Because FRIENDS!

    11. There was the time that Pan-Kun decided to become a photographer.

    12. And took plenty of pictures of James.

    13. Plenty...

    14. ...of...


    16. And then James took a picture of Pan-Kun because James can also take pictures.

    17. That time Pan-Kun and James shared the same sled.

    18. There was that time that Pan-Kun managed to open a bottle of Ramune.

    You know, that Japanese soda where you have to push down on a marble to drink out of it.

    19. Everytime Pan-Kun curbs James and pets him on the head.

    20. While walking James through a temple, Pan-Kun found a statue of a monkey.

    21. When Pan-Kun carted his homie out of an elevator.

    22. That time that Pan-Kun found a stuffed monkey in a convenience store.

    They didn't allow James inside the store because... he's a dog.

    23. When Pan-Kun found a snake and didn't really know how to react.

    James eventually saved the day and took out the snake... with his jaws.

    24. The moments when Pan-Kun gets protective of James.

    25. The time when Pan-Kun and James worked out together.

    26. The time when Pan-Kun found a new toy at a hardware store.

    While James is looking on from his shopping cart.

    27. When Pan-Kun forced James to get treated by a veterinarian.

    28. And finally, this:

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