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19 Secret Compartments Where You Can Hide All Your Naughty Things

And weed. H/T to r/Trees..

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1. You can hide your stuff in a full liter of Pepsi:

2. This deck of cards that's hollow enough for small things, like money and ... oregano:

3. This fake tree that's perfect for your dorm room:

4. This "autobiography" that now has a life of its own:

5. This trophy for academic excellence:

6. Similar to the book stash, here's another hiding trick using multiple DVD cases:

7. This life vest:

8. The back of this computer tower:

9. You can always use a marker to hide some loose cigarettes:

10. If a marker is too obvious for you, why not use a pencil?:

11. The numeric keypad that you never use on an old keyboard:

12. This American flag made out of Legos:

13. This battle kit:

14. This can of Axe:

Bonus points for making a stealth pipe out of a Sharpie highlighter.

15. This golf putter:

16. This innocent-looking candle:

17. This old disk drive that you can make into a secret stash using this hack:

18. This "electrical socket" hiding spot hack:

19. And finally, this dice box that only opens up if you flip the numbers in the right order:

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