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19 Tumblr Posts That Are Too Real For Anime Fans

"...and then Romeo-kun and Juliet-chan inevitably committed the seppuku."

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1. When they found out what anime tears are made of:

shrekquiuszahhak / Via

2. When someone found a Blue's Clues anime:

filmcollectsdust / Via

3. When they totally nailed how lifelike anime could get:

4. When they made Shakespeare into an anime love story:

5. When their pun game was on point:

willgrahamcrackercrumbs / Via

6. When they came up with a brilliant idea for a character:

mspaintadventuring / Via

7. When they totally captured what it's like to be owed money:

the-real-is-kept / Via

8. When they revealed the truth behind weeaboos:

toasterama / Via

9. When they totally got what it's like to be a college freshman:

epic-lee / Via

10. When they asked very good questions regarding noses:

hidinfrommysisters / Via

11. When they had this in-depth conversation about Ash Ketchum:

sexhaver / Via

12. When they tried searching for Attack on Titan in Japanese but Google tried correcting them:

japdesene / Via

13. When they made Jesus speak Japanese:

otakuforanime / Via

14. When they found stuff to look at when they're sad:

Ash Greenback / Via

15. When they actually got a photo of Shenron IRL:

thecolorffooff / Via

16. When they nailed what Tokyo Ghoul was really about:

digiornos-pizza-stand / Via

17. When they react to their crushes appearing on-screen:

sarcastic-yandere / Via

18. When they discovered that Britney Spears invented anime in 2007:

19. And finally, when they made caught Eren Yeager's name spelled incorrectly:

albarnxinsanity: / Via

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