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The Clothing Line For "Spirited Away" Is As Magical As It Sounds


It's been 15 years (yes, 15 YEARS) since Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away was released in theaters, bringing smiles to every nerdy kid who LOVED the magical world of anime and Studio Ghibli.

To commemorate the film's 15th anniversary, Fathom Events is re-releasing the film in theaters on Dec. 4 and 5, and Hot Topic is the official retail partner for this event.

Which means they have the exclusive Spirited Away clothing line that you can check out here, so bust out your gold from thin air and check out some of these items:

This charming No Face pullover knit sweater just in time for the friggin' holidays:

This beautiful Chihiro-inspired get-up you can rock anywhere, anytime:

This graphic tee of Haku and Chihiro being lovey-dovey:

These No Face socks that are out of this human world:

This shirt featuring the Radish Spirit aka the chillest homie in the spirit world:

This black muscle top that exudes No Face fabulous badassery:

This vintage bomber jacket that honors the lovable but stoic Haku:

This No Face kimono-style top for when you need the wind to carry you:

This sweatshirt that features some of the most iconic Studio Ghibli characters:

And finally, this amazing tank top featuring Haku and Chihiro flying through the skies:

And to top it off, you can also get this delightful soot sprites keychain that comes with its own bottle of soot sprite candy:

This is you right now: