19 Reasons Why Being A Quinceañera Is Just The Worst

    You might look like a princess, but you definitely won't feel like one.

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    So, why is being a Quinceañera the worst? Well...

    1. Because being lifted in the air is not always the best idea.

    2. Especially when there are pyrotechnics involved.

    3. Because your dad can sometimes be a total klutz at the worst possible moment.

    4. Because your special Quinceañera video will contain INCREDIBLY BAD video effects...

    5. ...and I do mean...

    6. ...BAD.

    7. And your video will have the same cliché shots of you awkwardly posing with your Quinceañera outfit.

    8. Your choreographer will suggest that dancing with fire will make your night more memorable...

    9. Yeah...

    10. Fire...

    11. Your dress will INEVITABLY turn against you at the worst possible moment.

    12. Dancing like this for an hour with every single family member is the bane of your existence.

    13. Your chambelanes are generally your cousins who don't have the heart to tell you "NO."

    14. The limo ride is actually not as cool as it seems.

    15. Even though you woke up at the crack of dawn to have someone put a pound of makeup on your face...

    16. ...there will always be a cousin who's ready to ruin your makeup...

    17. ...and your cake.

    18. Even though it might seem sweet to have your dad put on your high heels in front of everyone, it's actually really awkward.

    19. There will come a point in the evening when you're just over it.

    So if being a Quinceañera is all you want, more power to you.

    Just remember not to take it too seriously.