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28 Treats That Will Take You Back To Your Mexican Childhood

Life is like a box of Gansitos...

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1. These Gansitos that brightened up your day:

Marinella / Via

2. These bolis, which were the best thing to have on a hot summer day:

frankcedeno562 / Via

3. This Duvalin, which was Nutella before Nutella was a thing:

Ricolino / Via

4. This unbelievably sweet but crumbly peanut candy:

mexicrate / Via

5. Before there was Black Panther, there was Pancho Pantera:

6. This delicious haircut:

kitaekate28 / Via

7. These refreshing beverages:

8. These camotes poblanos that you could only love with an acquired taste:

xammy87 / Via

9. These delicious, heartwarming hot chocolates:

10. Or this thick cinnamon champurrado, always served outside of church on Sundays:

11. These truly intense plums:

miss_graciemae / Via

12. This ice pop with quite the kick:

zack805 / Via

13. This sweet, spicy, and sour goodness:

14. These churros fresh out of a brown paper bag:

paluus / Via

15. This Paleta Payaso that your mom bought when you behaved at the supermarket:

gurrunben / Via

16. This fruit that's powdered with lime, chamoy, and Tajín:

ashleighcromero / Via

17. Or you could step up your fruit game with a mangoneada:

The straw with the tamarind candy is to die for.
riigovela / Via

The straw with the tamarind candy is to die for.

18. These pieces of chocolate, marshmallow, and strawberry heaven:

yolanda_c50 / Via

19. This can of fruit juice that automatically made you the cool kid in school:

20. These agua frescas that fought the hot, sizzling sun:

21. These cookies that were better than a box of chocolates:

lavidayessi / Via

22. These strawberry-filled Barritas that would always be gone in minutes:

raamoonv / Via

23. This powder candy that's so sour it could burn your tongue...but you loved it anyway:

24. Or you could have Portico and just enjoy candy without burning anything:

25. These delicious treats that your elotero had hanging off the side of his cart:

misfit_reyes / Via

26. These super-dope tamales de dulce that your mom always forced you to eat:

Strawberry variety.
mozzerie_dean13 / Via

Strawberry variety.

27. All the pan dulce:

carruselbakery / Via

28. And finally, these hot and cripsy buñuelos that were drizzled with cinnamon and sugar:

yoursassyself / Via

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