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38 Powerful Thoughts Gabriel Iglesias Has On Totally Random Things

In the midst of promoting his film The Fluffy Movie, the 38-year-old comic paid BuzzFeed a visit to talk about a variety of things including border patrol checkpoints, kittens, pro wrestling, and his own mortality.

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4. Latino Comedian

Justin Abarca for BuzzFeed

"When you say 'Latino comedian,' you're saying I can only perform for Latinos," says Iglesias in one of his stand-up specials. "Don't get me wrong. I know who I am, I know where I come from. But I believe Latinos should be shared with everyone. The reason I make a big deal about this is because – anybody else – you just call them by their name. For example, Jerry Seinfeld. He's just Jerry Seinfeld. He's not, 'JEWISH COMEDIAN, JERRY SEINFELD.'"

37. Mortality

Justin Abarca for BuzzFeed

"Mortality is inevitable," Iglesias explains to BuzzFeed. "The only way I'll live forever is through my videos. [My legacy will carry on] based on whatever impact I have on people. Whatever way I decide to raise my son, and the way he decides to do things in life based on my influence, that's how I'll live forever. As far as physically? I'm toast in a few years. But I'm OK with that."

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