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25 Photos That Will Make You Unreasonably Angry

Be prepared to punch a hole in the wall.

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1. This slab that's not working with the team.

2. This deodorant that has ruined your entire day:

3. This puzzle that was created by Satan himself:

4. These hangers that prove that we're not as technologically advanced as we originally thought:

5. This electrical socket cover that ruined an electricians life:

6. These books that were labled by a librarian who has no soul:

7. These milk cartons that are inside a sick human being's fridge:

8. This tragedy:

9. This spam that some demon placed on some poor soul's windshield:

10. These books that were manufactured by a demonic publication:

11. These salt and pepper shakers that were clearly abused by their owners:

12. This poor cheesecake that did nothing wrong to deserve this:

13. This god-forsaken glass:

14. This tree that's like, "IT'S STILL WINTER TO ME, DAMMIT!":

15. This rogue can of Diet Mountain Dew that is ruining EVERYONE'S LIFE:

16. This shirt that HATES 'MERICA:

17. This candy box display that will make you nauseous:

18. The monster who eats an orange like this:

19. These M&M's that have no sense of decency:

20. This complete lack of respect for humanity:

21. This driver who wants to cause World War 3:

22. This person who wants to destroy the world, one Walmart at a time:

23. This Sweet n' Low that, quite frankly, DGAF:

24. The sadistic filth who did this:

25. And finally, this horrifying event guaranteed to make you scream:

H/T r/mildlyirritating and r/firstworldanarachists

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