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    This Is The Most Cringeworthy Telenovela Scene Of All-Time


    This is Soraya Montenegro (played by Itati Cantoral). She's the main antagonist from the iconic telenovela María la del Barrio.

    While Soraya delivered some breathtaking moments throughout the telenovela's run, there is one scene that stands out above the rest.

    A scene so drenched in melodrama that it's now reached legendary status.

    The setup: Soraya is having a party. At this party, Nandito sneaks into Alicia's room, and professes his love to her. He then asks to give her a kiss and she's like, "YAAAAASSS!!!"

    Alicia is Soraya's stepdaughter and she happens to be disabled. Nandito is the son of Soraya's ex-husband, who she's still CRAZY in love with (Repeat: CRAZY). Nandito and Alicia being together would probably cause Soraya's head to explode. So it would be very bad news if Soraya found out about this romance. VERY. BAD. NEWS.

    So, Nandito goes in for a kiss...

    ...only to have Soraya walk in on them and TOTALLY LOSE HER SHIT.

    Soraya proceeds to verbally tear Alicia a new asshole:

    And then proceeds to call her own stepdaughter a "disabled demon" and she's going to give her an ass-whoopin' she'll never forget.

    And Alicia is like...

    Soraya lunges at Alicia, but Nandito and the nanny stop her. Soraya overpowers both of them, and tosses them aside like a bunch of ragdolls.

    She grabs Alicia and shakes her violently, as you do in a traditional throwdown.

    Nandito finally gets off his ass and tries to stop this madness, but Soraya slaps the shit out of him.

    The nanny tries calling for help by shouting this...

    While this is happening, Nandito tries restraining Soraya, but they knock over poor Alicia.

    Nandito THROWS himself over the bed to make sure Alicia is OK.

    This dude in a suit shows up and he's like, "Yo... WTF?!"

    Instead of restraining Soraya, this dude goes to check on Alicia. Soraya lunges at the nanny and begins bashing her head against the wall.

    And knocks her out.

    Nandito goes to check on the nanny to make sure she's not... like... dead. Soraya screams, "IF SHE'S NOT DEAD, I'M GONNA FINISH KILLING HER!!!"

    Soraya tosses the dude in the suit and is like, "GET OFF ME, FOOL!" and happens to place her hand on a pair of scissors.


    The dude in the suit takes Soraya into another room and he's like, "YOU GOIN' TO JAIL NOW!"

    Meanwhile, Nandito is on the ground moaning about his stab wound.

    And these fools are like, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh..."

    Alicia yells at the partygoers to help out Nandito. She screams, "I CAN'T HELP HIM! I'M IN A WHEELCHAIR!"

    The partygoers finally get their shit together and carry Nandito to a hospital, who apparently passed out.

    Soraya screams at her guests, "IF YOU REPORT ME TO THE POLICE, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

    In the end, after all that melodrama, NO ONE IN THIS FUCKING SCENE HELPS OUT THE POOR NANNY.

    Watch the whole damn thing here:

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