This Master Carver Making Pliers From One Stick Of Wood Will Blow Your Mind

    All he needed was a stick of wood and a small blade. THAT'S IT. H/T Reddit user Beznet.

    So this is master carver Ernest "Mooney" Warther. He's about to make some pliers and it's quite ingenious.

    Warther first cuts off a stick of wood.

    He takes out a blade and starts slicing (he does it all in 10 cuts):

    1. "The first four [cuts] are a fourth deep, 45-degree angle to the block," explains Warther in the video.

    2. "Sometimes you have to make more than one cut to get the depth."

    3. Warther then digs his blade through the sides of the stick in a 45-degree angle.

    4. He makes two additional parallel cuts through the side of the stick.

    5. He does a long cut down the middle at the bottom of the stick.

    6. Cut down the middle at the top of the stick and BOOM! PLIERS!

    "There's no secret to it," Warther says in the video. "It's just trial and error. And it took me a few packets of band-aids to learn too."

    Watch Warther's entire video here:

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