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    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    A Mexican Band Made A Pokémon-Inspired Music Video And It's Fucking Hilarious

    Spoiler: Pikachu dances in botas picudas.

    So, back in 2013, Los Weyes Que Tocan came out with the music video for the tribal guarachero classic "El Pokétribal" on the Mexican YouTube channel QueParió! and it's seriously the greatest thing ever:

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    Tribal guarachero is a down-and-dirty musical genre that combines techno and house music with cumbia. It's really poppin' at quinceañeras and weddings.

    The music video truly delivers on every level. There's the band dressed up in Team Rocket getups:

    Ash Ketchum dancing in botas picudas:

    Like, for real:

    Ash spitting hot fire with a sick Pokérap:

    And finally, a goddamn Pokémon...


    This isn't the first time Los Weyes Que Tocan have ventured into the anime world. They also released the viral Dragon Ball Z cumbia masterpiece "La Cumbia de Gokú."


    Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

    So put on your botas picudas, play "El Pokétribal," and get ready to do EL PASO DE MAGIKARP!

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