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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    24 Hauntingly Beautiful Tattoos Featuring No Face From "Spirited Away"

    "Eh... Eh..."

    1. This cute scene of No Face eating some cake and drinking tea.

    2. This image of a naive-looking No Face hanging around with the Sootballs.

    3. This tattoo of No Face holding onto a Japanese lantern.

    4. This perfect, detailed depiction of No Face's face.

    5. This colorful mandala centered around No Face.

    6. This heartwarming and flowery portrayal of a sweet No Face.

    7. This tattoo of No Face offering some well-intentioned but dangerous gold.

    8. These tattoos...

    9. ...that are very simple and minimalistic...

    10. ...but unbelievably gorgeous.

    11. This vibrant sleeve tattoo that's on point.

    12. This cool depiction of No Face amongst mushrooms and leaves.

    13. This sad, melancholic forearm tattoo.

    14. This tattoo featuring flowers, paper birds, and soap tokens.

    15. This beautiful image of No Face looking at itself in the mirror.

    16. This happy crossover between No Face and the Kodama.

    17. This simple image that speaks volumes.

    18. A very serene image of No Face with some pink roses.

    19. This sleeve tattoo featuring Chihiro in her bathhouse uniform.

    20. This adorable image of a smiling No Face.

    21. This portrait of No Face and Chihiro as they ride the ghost train.

    22. This magnificent crossover between No Face and San's iconic mask from Princess Mononoke.

    23. This ghostly full-body portrayal of a creepy No Face.

    24. And finally, this iconic Spirited Away tattoo featuring Chirhiro, the paper birds, and the bathhouse.

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