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25 Oddly Satisfying Photos That Prove Winter Is The Most Beautiful Season Ever

All the snow. H/T r/MildyInteresting

1. The ice window on this guy's car:

2. These icicles that formed sideways:

3. The double-helix formation on this bench:

4. This blanket of snow that you just want to cuddle with:

5. These more-than-perfect snowflakes:

6. This fountain that froze over in NYC:

7. This fence that looks like an optical illusion:

8. The blanket of snow draped over the hood of this car:

9. This lovely design left behind by a parked car:

10. The pattern on this table left behind by melted snow:

11. These bizarre circular ice formations on this driveway:

12. The way the snow slithers down this telephone poll:

13. This frozen pinecone:

14. The way the snow was preserved by the shadow of this chair:

15. Or the opposite happening in the shadow of this bench:

16. The way this leaf melted through the snow:

17. The snow slowly peeling off of this tire:

18. This gorgeous tunnel made when the snow slid off this guy's roof:

19. The way the snow rolls itself up due to strong winds:

20. The way these Christmas lights burn holes through the snow:

21. These bushes covered in incredibly spikey snow:

22. The way the snow melts in this backyard:

23. The way the snow holds its place on these stairs:

24. This leaf that drew circles in the snow:

25. And finally, "HERE'S JOHNNY":

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