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Cheese And Hot Chocolate Is The Food Combination You Need To Try

Colombians, where you at?

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So, let's talk about Colombian hot chocolate for a quick second: IT'S BOMB AF.

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Don't know which brand to go with? Fuck it. TRY THEM ALL: Chocolate Luker, Corona, Sol, Cruz, Diana...they all taste delicious and some I dare say taste better than Abuelita and Ibarra. Just sayin.

Everybody's abuela has their own way of making Colombian hot chocolate but it typically goes like this: You heat milk and chocolate in a chocolatera and you whisk the fuck out of it with a molinillo to create some frothy goodness.


That's right. DUNK. SOME. CHEESE. IN. IT.

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Specifically, use queso compasigna, queso blanco, queso fresco, panela, halloumi, mozzarella, or pretty much any white cheese that's made you go, "Mmm...dis some good cheese!"

There are several ways to eat/drink this concoction, but you generally wait until the cheese is nice and gooey...and then you scoop it up like a damsel in distress.