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    For The Love Of God, Stop Taking Flaming Shots

    You won't be a badass but you'll certainly be on fire.

    What is it with lighting your alcohol on fire and trying to drink it?

    Like, for real. Why do people do it? It's totally unnecessary and doesn't prove anything.

    It'll only prove that you have a knack for setting yourself on fire.

    You will be respected more for saying "no" and being smart, than saying "yes" and looking like a complete fucking idiot.

    It's not worth it.

    You will burn your skin.

    Not to mention you'll burn the inside of your mouth, your chin, and your nostrils.

    You won't be able to eat for a month.

    Imagine eating Hot Cheetos with a burnt mouth. Just think about that.

    The worst part is, you'll be all over the internet.

    Because someone thought it was a good idea to film your mistakes and put them on YouTube.

    "Remember that one time you almost burned down the house?"

    "Yeah! It's on YouTube!"

    Don't do it, bro!

    You will regret it later.

    And your friends will remember you as the person dumb enough to take a flaming shot.

    Unless you want to look like this guy:

    Columbia Pictures

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