Here's How To Make A DeLorean Model From "Back To The Future" With Pepsi Cans

    It's quite simple to make and no... this sucker is not nuclear.

    So, you remember the DeLorean from Back to the Future?:

    YouTuber DaveHax made a tutorial video where he shows you how to construct your very own DeLorean model from the iconic film.

    And it's shockingly simple.

    First, he uses a can of Pepsi, which is made out of steel as opposed to aluminum.

    He cuts the top and bottom of the can to produce a sheet of metal.

    Once he has four sheets of metal, he draws out different parts of the DeLorean on them so he can cut them out.

    Once he cuts out the parts, he bends the ends slightly so they're easier to glue together.

    He uses Crazy Glue gel to stick all the parts together.

    Once the body of the DeLorean is put together, he uses four black plastic bottle caps and two skewers to make the tires.

    According to Dave, if you just wanted a DeLorean, "you could leave it like this" and call it a day.

    But Dave uses some leftover steel, bottle caps, aluminum wire, small cables, and foam to create some of the knickknacks that go on the DeLorean time machine, like the boosters and the Mr. Fusion.

    He sticks on the "OUTTATIME" license plate on the back...

    And VOILA! A DeLorean time machine.

    Check out the whole video:

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