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18 Killer "Death Note" Items That Are To Die For

ALL HAIL KIRA...and Etsy.

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2. This earring that was handmade in the shinigami realm:


4. This Death Note necklace that'll tell you how much time you have left:

5. This sweet and L-egant charm:

6. This pocket watch for those who like watching the seconds tick by on their life clock:


8. This lavish steampunk Death Note ring that'll make Kira proud:

9. Ryuk's favorite food, in ring form:

10. This lamp that will ~LIGHT~ up your dark and cold nights:


12. These friendship necklaces that'll keep you connected to your best friend in the whole wide world:

13. This L choker endorsed by Misa Amane:

15. The world's most dangerous clutch bag:

16. This wallet that a shinigami made when they were bored:

18. And finally, this bronze pendant that'll remind you that your fate is in your hands...for now: