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31 "Facts" About WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose That Are Too Good To Be True

Tumblr blog Dean Ambrose Facts paints an "honest" picture of "The Lunatic Fringe."

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His hot-headed personality has earned him the moniker of "The Lunatic Fringe," and has made him WWE's enfant terrible.

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The man is batshit crazy. He likes to steal Championship titles, fight people with a hot dog cart, and he likes to wrestle in jeans and a tank top. In his pre-WWE days, he wrestled in hardcore "death matches" (lots of weapons and blood), and he once drunkenly sang "Sweet Caroline" as he made his way to the ring. He also has quite a large female fan base.

Despite his immense popularity, Ambrose is still a man of mystery.

So Dean Ambrose Facts on Tumblr has given us some golden "truth" nuggets from Ambrose's enigmatic life. These "facts" tap into a variety of topics including...

1. Healthy eating.


2. Blood.

3. Utensils.

4. His left foot.

5. Waste disposal.


6. Respect.

7. Innovation.

8. Etiquette.

9. Nutrition.


10. Acrobatics.

11. Starch.

12. Breakfast.

13. Safety measures.


14. Linguistics.

15. Arithmetic.

16. More arithmetic.

17. Ethics.


18. Music theory.

19. Entomology.

20. Social functions.

21. Ophiology.


22. The importance of manual labor.

23. Astrobiology.

24. The avant-garde.

25. Mixology.


26. Problem solving.

27. Siblings.

28. Sports science.

29. Molecular gastronomy.


30. Beekeeping.

31. And finally, marine biology.