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31 Times "Dragon Ball Z" Horrified The Fuck Out Of You

Death hurts.

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1. When Piccolo blasted a hole through Raditz and Goku...

...and killed our beloved childhood hero in the process.

Funimation / Via

Goku, up to this point, was the lovable indestructible hero who warmed our childhood hearts for years. Suddenly, he was dead, with blood pouring out of the gaping hole in his abdomen.

2. When one of the Saibamen grabbed Yamcha and blew itself up...killing off the least helpful character in the series.

3. When Nappa cut off Tien's hand with a single punch.


4. When Chiaotzu latched onto Nappa and blew himself up for the sake of earth's survival...

5. When Tien used all his energy on a Tri Beam Cannon blast to eliminate Nappa...but failed and dropped dead.

6. When Piccolo threw himself in front of Nappa's fatal blast to save Gohan's life...and got toasted to death.

Funimation / Via

Confirming that this big, green, stoic badass, who once terrorized earth, has a heart after all.


7. When Vegeta killed off his buddy-in-crime Nappa while he licked his lips like a freakin' sociopath.

8. When Zarbon turned from beauty into a BEAST.


10. When Vegeta decapitated the short and stubby Guldo...

...and then roasted it.

11. When Frieza ripped off Nail's arm just for fun.


12. When Frieza IMPALED Krillin with his ridiculously long Satan-esque horns...

...and splashed blood everywhere like a punctured water balloon...


13. When Frieza turned Vegeta into a human punching bag and destroyed his kidneys...

...and killed him off by penetrating a hole in his heart.

Funimation / Via

Vegeta died ugly-crying. Like, ugly, ugly-crying. Vegeta is one prince who does not cry beautifully.

14. When Frieza detonated a blast inside Krillin, and blew up into a million little pieces in front of his best friends...

...which pushed our happy-go-lucky Goku over the edge, and turned him into a Super Saiyan for the first time.


15. When Frieza got split in half by his own Death Saucer...

...and the Goku blasted him away once and for all.*

Funimation / Via

*We all thought he was dead but NOPE. Fast forward: Namek blew up, a part of Frieza's body was found floating in space, Frieza's dad found and rebuilt his son using robotic parts, and then Cyborg Frieza went to earth to find Goku and kill him...

16. But instead, he came across Future Trunks...


...he COOKED HIM UP, Super Saiyan barbecue-style.

17. When Dr. Gero stuck his hand through Yamcha's torso as if it were cotton candy.

18. When Vegeta pulled off Android 19's arms by doing a squat on his face.


20. When Cell "drank" his prey by stabbing his tail into their bodies and sucking them dry...literally.


21. When 16 plucked off Cell's tail like a bad ingrown hair.

22. When Cell battered 16 into five dollar scrap metal, and stomped on his head just for good measure.


23. When Gohan butchered up the Cell Juniors like Leatherface, only instead of using a chainsaw, he used his Super Saiyan Level 2 fists and kicks.

24. When Gohan kicked Cell so hard, he puked out 18.

25. When Videl got beaten to a pulp by Spopovitch at the Tenkaichi Budōkai.


26. When Majin Buu turned Dabura into a cookie and ate him:

27. When Majin Buu punched Babidi so hard he made his head explode.

28. When Vegeta used up all his energy to try and kill Majin Buu, and ended up turning into stone and broke apart.


30. When Super Buu turned Chi-Chi into an egg and smashed it.

31. And finally, when Super Buu killed everyone on earth with the "human extinction" attack:

Funimation / Via

Millions and millions of people got killed with this move, by having their chest cavities impaled. Quite gruesome.

But in the end, you could always revive everyone with the Dragon Balls.

Unless Piccolo dies.