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    17 Signs From A #DayWithoutImmigrants That Will Make You Think

    “When employees who haven’t missed a day of work in nearly 25 years come to you and ask for a day off to march against injustice, the answer is easy. #ImmigrantsFeedAmerica”

    On Thursday, restaurants and other businesses closed in solidarity of "A Day Without Immigrants," a strike to protest President Trump's immigration policies. The strike was also done to show the importance of immigrant labor reliability in the US.

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    Here are the signs businesses put up to inform their customers about the strike:

    1. "Mr. President, without us and our contributions, this country would be paralyzed. We'll lose a day of work but will gain something more valuable."

    mmg99 / Via

    2. "Attention!! Unless you're Native American, you're an immigrant too!! We're closed today!! See you tomorrow. #DayWithoutImmigrants"

    themovementink / Via

    3. "We stand 100% behind our employees whether they are immigrants or born in America, back of house or front of house."

    taninnahar / Via

    "When employees who haven't missed a day of work in nearly 25 years come to you and ask for a day off to march against injustice, the answer is easy. #ImmigrantsFeedAmerica"

    4. "As the son of an immigrant, not a day goes by that I don't thank this country for the opportunity my family has been afforded."

    nfmuna / Via

    "Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters toil in the darkness; their contributions often going unacknowledged. Today we are closed in a sign of solidarity with the plight of millions of undocumented immigrants who have earned their place at the table. Rather than turn our back in a time of need, it's time to bring them into the light to shine even brighter than they already do.

    If you find it in your heart, please do something today to show your support. Even a simple smile to a neighbor in El Barrio can go a long way. Un fuerte abrazo, Dan (and Shanna)."

    5. "Today we are closed in support of immigrants around the nation. Our work can't be done without them. We support freedom, equality, and justice for all."

    chrissypie / Via

    6. "Today, we stand united with our immigrant family."

    atwoods_tavern / Via

    "Our kitchen will be closed all day and night. The bar will be open at 3:30. While this may be an 'inconvenience' for some, it is nowhere near the 'inconvenience' that the current administration has caused for our good, hard working, brothers and sisters. Resist!"

    7. "We are an immigrant family. Business closed today in solidarity."

    cindymilstein / Via

    8. "Closed in solidarity. *Masse (name of the bakery) is the name of an immigrant."

    juliarosaceae / Via

    9. "We encourage everyone in the community to take a stand alongside our loyal staff in hopes of creating safer working environments for all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds."

    mrspringrolls / Via

    10. "In support of our employees, we will be closed today. We honor their work & voices for A Day Without Immigrants."

    swankymoppet / Via

    11. "On Thursday, February 16th, the stores and restaurant Las Palmas will close its doors all day for the first time in 8 years since we opened the first store..."

    Twitter: @lavishIatina

    " support for our hispanic community and to let know that we are in disagreement with the measures and laws being implemented by President Donald Trump."

    12. "Wilder wouldn't exist were it not for the hard work, love, and dedication of the immigrant community."

    wilderbarpdx / Via

    "While we will miss seeing you all tonight, we do not apologize for the inconvenience. Wilder will open regular hours tomorrow, Friday the 17th."

    13. "In solidarity with our immigrant parents, brothers, sisters, Cafe Ciao! will be closed for the day."

    14. "We are closed today out of love and respect for our fellow humans. #ADayWithoutImmigrants"

    goldenmoonspeakeasy / Via

    15. "We are active in our fight to preserve our democracy and today we support our workers, friends, and family."

    malloyco / Via

    "For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. We believe resistance should be well funded, today we are donating a percentage of our proceeds to the ACLU. Liberty and Justice to ALL, The Albright"

    16. "In solidarity with members of the Kreation family who, as immigrants, help make America the GREAT place that it is, Kreation is closed today for #ADayWithoutImmigrants."

    imageofchange / Via

    "Employees participating in the boycott will be paid."

    17. "Today, Thursday, we're closing La Playita to join our united immigrant brothers and sisters. We want to work and we're not criminals. We're all American. Let's march. Todos Unidos."

    _zerimar / Via

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