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38 Facts About "The X-Files" You Probably Didn't Know

Someone actually thought that Gillian Anderson wasn't a "bombshell." WHAT?!

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1. One of the main inspirations for The X-Files was the '70s television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker.


The series featured Chicago reporter Carl Kolchak, who investigated mysterious crimes that often involved supernatural and sci-fi elements.

8. According to Carter, Fox Network executives wanted to replace Anderson because they wanted a more "glamorous bombshell" for the part.

11. Before being cast as the Cigarette-Smoking Man, William B. Davis had not smoked a cigarette in 20 years.

He smoked real cigarettes for the first two seasons of the show before shifting to herbal.

12. According to producer Kim Manners, at the start of the show, Davis was only supposed to be an extra leaning against a shelf.

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Producers had not intended for Cigarette-Smoking Man to be the main antagonist of the show.

13. Anderson was unhappy with filming a hotel scene in her underwear, where she reveals to Mulder some conspicuous bug bites.

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Anderson believed the scene was gratuitous and there was "no reason for it." Carter believed the scene was necessary to "highlight the platonic relationship between the two."

14. Dana Scully originally had a boyfriend named Ethan Minette in the pilot episode.

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He was added in by Fox executive because they felt there was not enough "romantic interest" between Mulder and Scully. Carter nixed all of his scenes, insisting the relationship between Mulder and Scully was much more interesting.

18. The character of Alex Krycek was originally meant to replace Dana Scully for only three episodes, while Anderson was away on maternity leave.

19. X was originally meant to be played by actress Natalija Nogulich from Star Trek: the Next Generation.

She filmed one scene as X before being replaced by Steven Williams. Chris Carter said, "The chemistry wasn't there."

20. Chris Owens, who played the devious Jeffrey Spender, would often receive negative reactions on the street due to his character.

23. Before Season 7, David Duchovny sued 20th Century Fox because he was upset that they had undersold the rights to their own affiliates, thereby costing him lots of money.

27. The episode was also inspired by Charlie Chaplin's autobiography.

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One of the inspirations for the now infamous “Home” episode was a story in Chaplin’s autobiography. While staying at a tenement home, he met a quadruple amputee who was pulled from under a bed by his family. The man "flopped around" while his family sang and danced.

29. The Season 1 episode "Tooms" had many "firsts."

Mitch Pileggi appeared for the first time as Walter Skinner, the first time William B. Davis spoke as Cigarette-Smoking Man, and the first time a Monster-of-the-Week character is given a follow-up episode.

35. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History acquired several of the show's famous items.

These items include the original pilot script, Mulder and Scully's FBI badges, and Mulder's "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster.

37. If you look closely, the FBI badges used in the show read "Federal Bureau of Justice, United States Department of Investigation."

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