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    15 Fascinating Hotels That Are Weird, Creepy, Or Pretty Cool

    Sleep tight I guess.

    1. This hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, that is staffed entirely by robots, resembling humans, dolls, and dinosaurs.

    In order to open your room, you have to use a special face recognition system. It's trippy.

    2. This hotel in Antwerp, Belgium, that only has one room and looks like a giant anus and colon.

    flight965 / Via

    The hotel name is Hotel CasAnus.

    3. This hotel in Amsterdam that has a room with a built-in Boeing 737 flight simulator.

    4. This hotel that straddles the border between France and Switzerland, that cuts right through the honeymoon suite's bed.

    optimaviajes / Via

    5. The hotel in Downtown LA that has a notoriously dark past, which includes 15 non-natural deaths, the housing of two serial killers, and was the location of a famous unsolved mystery.

    6. This hotel in Japan that holds the Guinness World Record for oldest hotel, having been around since 705 AD.

    harlemfoodlocal / Via

    Hotel management at Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has gone through 52 different generations of descendants from the same family.

    7. And this other place in Japan, that's a resort town where men can take their virtual girlfriends on a vacation.

    8. Off the coast in Key Largo, Florida, there's an overnight underwater lodge that you have to scuba dive to get into.

    While you can cook in the lodge, you can also get food delivered to you via scuba diver.

    9. In Hollywood, you can stay in the very same hotel room where Janis Joplin died of accidental heroin overdose. / Via headlocalette, / Via jstandlea

    10. This hotel in Germany where the rooms are constructed out of literal sewage pipes. / Via adriennerose1, ri_im_net / Via

    11. In Latvia, you can spend the night in a Russian prison, where you get stripped of your belongings, have a prison meal and sleep on an iron bed. Oh, and you have to sign an agreement before lodging.

    andifred123 / Via

    12. The Propellor Lodge Inn in Berlin has a wide variety of rooms that are weird AF. They have an upside-down room, a green padded room, a table room, a symbol room, a bright orange room, etc., etc., etc. Just watch the video:

    View this video on YouTube

    13. In Nairobi, Kenya, you can stay in a manor where giraffes can peep their head in and chill out with you while you eat.

    kbakken / Via

    14. There's a bed-and-breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho, that's shaped like an adorable beagle.

    15. And finally, you can sleep amongst the remains of the dead at the catacombs in Paris through AirBNB.

    wong__charlotte / Via