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15 Fascinating Hotels That Are Weird, Creepy, Or Pretty Cool

Sleep tight I guess.

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1. This hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, that is staffed entirely by robots, resembling humans, dolls, and dinosaurs.

In order to open your room, you have to use a special face recognition system. It's trippy.

3. This hotel in Amsterdam that has a room with a built-in Boeing 737 flight simulator.


6. This hotel in Japan that holds the Guinness World Record for oldest hotel, having been around since 705 AD.

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Hotel management at Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has gone through 52 different generations of descendants from the same family.


9. In Hollywood, you can stay in the very same hotel room where Janis Joplin died of accidental heroin overdose.

10. This hotel in Germany where the rooms are constructed out of literal sewage pipes.

12. The Propellor Lodge Inn in Berlin has a wide variety of rooms that are weird AF. They have an upside-down room, a green padded room, a table room, a symbol room, a bright orange room, etc., etc., etc. Just watch the video:

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