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    17 Wikipedia Pages About The Most Horrifying Places In The World

    Snakes, dolls, skeletons, cannibalism...oh my.

    1. This chapel that's decorated in human bones and skulls.

    2. This island that's filled with some very charming dolls.

    3. This gas crater most commonly known as "The Door to Hell."

    4. This village that was destroyed by Nazis.

    5. This cathedral that has cages hanging off it.

    6. This amusement park that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and then abandoned.

    7. This hotel with a VERY dark history.

    8. This seemingly bustling tourist beach town that's actually been a ghost town since 1974

    9. The world's largest voodoo market.

    10. These underground tunnels used for shipping goods...and kidnapping people.

    11. This mass grave where the bodies appear to have been cannibalized.

    12. This cave that has the skeletons of children, most of whom were sacrificed.

    13. This Nazi compound in Los Angeles.

    14. This island full of snakes that's too dangerous for the public.

    15. The Catacombs of Paris.

    16. These hanging coffins that are placed at the side of a cliff.