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    You Haven't Lived Life Until You've Tried Conchas

    It's not sweet bread...It's PAN DULCE.

    It's time we recognize the king of pan dulce. I'm talking about CONCHAS (or conchitas. Either one is OK).

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    So what are conchas? They're an iconic Mexican sweet bread, famous for its round, shell-like form. While conchas are a staple of the holiday season for Mexicans, they're also a year-round treat.

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    Concha = Shell for our non-Spanish speaking friends.

    While everyone makes conchas in their own unique way, the top usually consists of a delightful paste made of butter, sugar, and flour, and in some instances, cocoa.

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    The paste is given its traditional concha form...

    ...and then baked to perfection.

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    There is nothing in this world better than the smell of fresh conchas being baked at your local panaderia at 5:00 a.m.

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    ...ready to be dipped in the finest cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

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    You'll always remember the times when your mom came home with a bag full of these piping hot conchas, still radiating the sweet smell of childhood joy.

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    You couldn't wait to get your hands on one of these, and bite through the slightly crunchy exterior, and into that hot, soft, fluffy bread in the middle.

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    They look so damn appetizing you'll want to drop whatever you're doing and head over to the nearest panaderia just to pick up a batch of this holy goodness.

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    But conchas are more than just your typical sweet bread.

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    They represent love.

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    They represent family.

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    They represent our culture and we are.

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    And we couldn't be prouder to share it with the world.

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