18 Breathtaking Mexican Treats That Will Make You Drool Uncontrollably

Warning: This post contains lots of CHAMOY!

1. Mmmmm.

vabeach_mexican_treats/ instagram.com


2. Exquisite.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Raspados with cucumber and mango.

3. Beautiful.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Mangos, chamoy, and tamarind candy is the key to life.

4. Angelic.

beautybynuno/ instagram.com

Pepinos-locos take cucumbers to a whole new level.

5. Mouthwatering.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Cucumbers filled with Japanese peanuts and tamarind candy.

6. Artful.

21stcenturyeden/ instagram.com

Beautiful mango covered with Tajin.

7. Tempting.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Who wants candied apples when you got manzanas locas?

8. Devilish.

wendola87_vsg/ instagram.com

Various fruits and Japanese peanuts covered in all sorts of ~devilish~ goodness.

9. Luscious.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Manzanas locas with Salsagheti candy.

10. Dangerous.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Diablitos never looked so good.

11. Breathtaking.

djcristianbaca/ instagram.com

Pepino shots, yo.

12. Life-changing.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

A chamoyada made with pineapple.

13. Gorgeous.

alvaro1087/ instagram.com

Turning a watermelon into a sandia loca.

14. Piquant.

mexican_delights/ instagram.com

Piña loca is truly badass.

15. Delish.

jackie_b4/ instagram.com

It’s monstrously delicious.

16. Fiery.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

Boring plums are made into a ciruelada.

17. Zestful.

yeseniatamayo/ instagram.com

Tostilocos and chamangos coming together to run the world.

18. Amor.

raspado_guerrero/ instagram.com

All hail Japanese peanuts.

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