WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd Has Cats And They Are The Most Adorable Creatures Ever

    Hart Dungeon graduate, Total Divas star, Natalya's husband and... cat aficionado? FACT!

    1. This is Tyson Kidd. He's one of the best WWE Superstars on the roster today... and he's got a thing for cats.

    My cats taught me the art of precision, their favorite part of last nights #NXT


    2. This dude just loves posing with his cats, even when tweeting out jabs at the current NXT Champion.

    Only time I'll ever hope Zayn wins. Unlock my title shots please #NXTTakeOver

    3. He likes posing with his cats a lot.

    Happy National Cat Day!! Teaching Makaveli the Bruce Lee way courtesy of @rootsoffight

    4. A LOT.

    Couple of the reasons why I do this..... #WWENXT #Cats&Facts

    5. He's got a cat named Makaveli and he's cute. Tyson likes to dedicate matches to him...

    Every Monday that I can top off with a win is a great great day! Fact is, tonight was dedicated to Makaveli #RAW

    6. ... and her.

    Tonight is for my girl... Man's best friend. #Fact #RAW

    7. He likes making Makaveli wrestle with other cats because...

    Makaveli's first wrestling practice begins! They're excited to see what unfolds tonight on @WWENXT

    ... that's what wrestlers do.

    8. There was this one time he posed with Grumpy Cat and Grumpy Cat was like -_-.

    Fired up for #RAW after meeting @RealGrumpyCat A little jealous no room for her face on my gear, sorry.

    9. Tyson likes chillin' shirtless with his cats.

    @ThatMiguelLopez @MichaelManna very tough call

    10. ALL of his cats.

    Face kickin' Springboardin' High flyin' Cat lovin' Proving I'm more than JUST Nattie's husband #RAW

    11. He likes dressing up his cats.

    Charlotte and Louis have a head start on us. Makaveli about to go trick or treating for the first time #cats&facts

    12. And that makes him happy.

    Happy Easter! He's not angry he's just in a sugar coma too many treats Hoping to see himself on #TotalDivas tonight

    13. He has a giant lion on his entrance jacket.

    To bring Mak or not to bring him? Getting ready for #NXTLARGO also don't miss Superstars for your Cats&Facts fix

    14. He likes to work out with his cats.

    Unorthodox training for unorthodox opponents #WWENXT

    15. That's right.

    One of the advantages of Louis packing on the lbs is now he can double up as a home gym @NatbyNature

    16. Work out.

    Next time instead of taking a pic I hope @NatbyNature gives me a spot. Louis is a lot heavier than he looks

    17. One of his cats has the most adorable eyes in the world.

    “@NatbyNature: I need help naming him. I like the name Zeb. Suggestions? ” Zeb is out of the question

    18. ADORABLE.

    “@NatbyNature:#TotalDivas @catfancy will be so proud of him!” He was so small, then discovered his love for food

    19. And even when he's on the road, he's gotta put in some face time with his cats NO MATTER WHAT.

    Sometimes after a great performance you just have to FaceTime with your cats you know? #RAW

    Also, DAT CAT SHIRT:

    20. So in conclusion, Tyson Kidd is approximately 150% a cat person.

    There's two things in life that don't lie: Cats and Facts. #MainEvent @wwe

    21. Yeah...

    @KiddWWE loves kitty cats. #catsandfacts #wwefanart #meow #FACT #patronsaintofkitties

    Way to go, Tyson!