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    17 Candy Cane GIFs That Will Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

    A precise, scientific explanation in candy making.

    1. So first, they get this mushy candy stuff and knead it with two shovels and a giant robotic presser.

    2. And then, they twirl it around with this machine thingy. The mushy candy stuff turns white because of the air.

    3. Then they shape that stuff into a log.

    4. Next, they get another mushy candy thing, and turn that stuff red with food coloring.

    5. They roll the white and red candy mushy things together, and torch that mofo so it's easier to process through the machines.

    6. They squeeze it down until it's the width of an actual candy cane.

    7. It curves because of the heat.

    8. Next, they cut the candy with this rapid cutting machine.

    9. And then it goes through this machine thingy...

    10. And then this happens...

    11. Then the plastic wrapping goes on top of the candy cane.

    12. Somehow, the plastic wraps itself around the candy cane.

    13. They close off the loose ends with some heat.

    14. Next, the machine bends the candy sticks so they look like actual candy canes.

    15. And then, this robot grabs random candy canes and puts them into a box.

    16. And finally, the boxes get pushed somewhere.

    17. And that's how you make...

    Watch the super relaxing and educational video here:

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