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24 Photos That Perfectly Capture Christmas With A Mexican Family

Christmas Day = Recalentado.

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1. This bag of goodies, filled with animal crackers, peanuts, Mexican candy...

sharo_elena / Via

2. ...and these colorful sugar thingies.

mary42f / Via

3. One of your uncles probably went all out with a nacimiento that takes up half the living room.

jl_paz / Via

4. Along with the decked out baby Jesus, dressed in the fanciest of clothes...

osunabakery / Via

5. ...and la virgencita.

monica_49_munoz / Via

6. A vat of Chocolate Abuelita or Ibarra that you can smell from a mile away...

dtorres2129 / Via

7. ...accompanied by some bomb-ass pan dulce.

beautylight_bella / Via

8. Your family's got the brand new calendar from the bakery or the carniceria that features this iconic photo:

elvierivera / Via

9. You got a bunch of nochebuenas all over the place.

krystalcrespo / Via

10. Of course, who can forget about the tamales.

clzwilson / Via

11. All your cousins got dressed up pipiris nice, just so they can sit and text on the living room sofa.

dan801113 / Via

12. Your tías got a ton of buñuelos that will last you for days.

lavidayessi / Via

13. You got pozole to keep you warm on a cold ass night, sprinkled with some lime and a tostada on the side.

mrsevelyngarcia / Via

14. Your family tried, and succeeded, to do a carne asada in the middle of winter.

isaias_enriquezc / Via

15. And who can forget about the romeritos...

luis_alberto_rezz / Via

16. ...and the bacalao.

lopezdoriga / Via

17. You got that one tía who brings coditos because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

apocantu / Via

18. You got that one tía who's like, "¡VAMOS A REZAR EL ROSARIO!"

Even though the food is already out.
astridmav / Via

Even though the food is already out.

19. Somebody always busts out the sparklers, and you've got the little cousins running around burning stuff with them.

20. You probably got a piñata from one of those party stores where they've got them hanging like this:

robinandre3000 / Via

21. You've got some ponche de caña...

yarentze / Via

22. Some champurrado in a styrofoam cup...

johanna_cochran / Via

23. ...or some rompope that one of your uncles brought back from Mexico.

rompope_abuelita_rosita / Via

24. In the end, it just isn't Christmas without your family. Be proud. ¡Feliz Navidad!

alejandra_garcia29_ / Via

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