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Jan 8, 2015

24 Oddly Satisfying GIFs Of Random Objects Being Destroyed

Find the comfort in destruction.

1. This mega collision between a frozen watermelon and a frozen raspberry:

2. The way the shell cascades off this iron ingot:

Science Channel

3. This tree being shredded in one swoop:

4. This hot nickel ball piercing through a block of ice:

5. This cinder block being crushed by this car:

6. This frozen carnation being smashed by a hammer:

7. This dude hammering away at a jar of paprika:

8. The way this plate breaks perfectly:

9. This watermelon destroyed by rubber bands:

10. The way these tennis balls sink into the shredder:

11. The super-slick and smooth demolition of this bridge:

12. The way this machine crushes this can of Coke:

13. This CD being toasted up in the microwave:

14. This trailer explosion:

15. This hippo crushing a watermelon in one bite:

16. This car being crash-tested:

17. This piece of styrofoam being cut by a hot wire:

18. This dude who's physically removing data off a hard-drive:

19. This shredder going to work on this vending machine:

20. This hammer/glass action:

21. This can of Monster being devoured by lava:

22. This baseball meeting its demise:


23. Nature picking out this tree from a backyard:

24. And finally, this watermelon blowing up in slow-mo:

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