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Arnold Schwarzenegger As The Terminator Is Now A Playable Character In "WWE 2K16"

That's right. You'll be able to play as the Terminator in the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game.

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Schwarzenegger was quite pleased with the trailer.

Pumped to be part of @WWEgames #WWE2K16 as the Terminator. So much fun recreating this scene with @WWE superstars.

No big deal. Was just in an iconic scene with the terminator!


I need your clothes, your boots and your video game! #WWE2K16 @Schwarzenegger @IGN

According to the trailer, gamers will be able to play as the Terminator in WWE 2K16 only as a pre-order exclusive.

On the WWE 2K16 Facebook page, it states that gamers can play as the two versions of the T-800 from Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The game is set to be released Oct. 27. Watch the full trailer here:

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