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    22 Things Everyone Who Has A Mexican Dad Knows To Be True

    He gets his power from his 'stache.

    1. Whenever your dad paid for something, he'd bust out this monstrosity:

    2. You NEVER EVER told your dad you were on summer vacation because this would happen:

    3. When it came to taking a photo, your dad showed little to no emotion.

    4. While he might have a tough exterior, he's still a vulnerable person:

    5. If you're a girl and you brought someone home, your dad would be like:

    6. They'll have a pair of these lying around the house:

    7. When your dad's driving, he will listen to WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS:

    8. Your dad's 'stache was everything.

    9. You will know what beer tastes like at an early age thanks to your dad:

    10. When your dad plays around with you, HE PLAYS HARD:

    11. When you really fucked up and your parents bust out the belt:

    12. No matter how wrong he can be, your dad will think he's absolutely right:

    13. But in the rare instance that your dad actually apologized, he'd be like:

    14. When it comes to shopping for food, he just... knows.

    15. And when it came to an asado, you better not be anywhere near his grill:

    16. When it came time to set up the piñata, he'd be the first one on the roof:

    My dad doin the most for a piñata

    17. When you go to a party, your dad will TEAR UP the dance floor:

    18. When your dad speaks so loud on the phone it's deafening:

    19. When your dad is watching soccer and he thinks he's actually coaching a team:

    20. As a kid, you'd point at your dad's vaccine scar and be like, "Hey... what is that?"

    21. Your dad will ALWAYS try and dispense some life advice even if you didn't ask for it:

    22. While you and your dad may have your ups and downs, he is still the greatest man you know.