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    8 Things Everyone With An Abuelita Knows To Be True

    No matter how old you get, la chancla will haunt you forever.

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    1. You eventually have to accept that pizza doesn't count as "real food":

    But don't worry; she made 3,157 tortillas for you last night.

    2. She will never, ever learn what a "Nintendo" actually is:

    It's all just some tiki-tiki as far as she's concerned.

    3. Abuelita becomes an entirely different person after her coffee break:

    Coffee is abuelita crack.

    4. You grow up hearing mixed messages about your body:

    She'll never be satisfied. Just eat the pizza.

    5. Not sure where your abuelita went? That shuffling, scraping sound behind you offers a clue:

    Chanclas: the weapon you can wear!

    6. If you ever wonder why she spends so much time reading Hola, this is why:

    The man, the dream: Andy Garcia.

    7. Your mail is never safe when she's around:

    All business is her business.

    8. And finally, you know that the chancla will haunt you forever:

    Sleep tight!

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