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    19 Things Only Club América Fans Would Understand

    Chivas sucks.

    1. Whenever we see a fellow Americanista on the street, we go out of our way to acknowledge them because we're practically family at that point.

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    2. We all wore that one hat that was unapologetically América.

    3. You have such a hatred of Chivas that you can't stand anything that has a red/blue/white color combination...

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    4. ...or goats.

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    I hate you, goat.

    5. And we sustain ourselves on a healthy diet of Chivas' tears.

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    6. But you always have family members who are diehard Chivas fans and it gets weird around El Súper Clásico.

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    7. We know that Cuauhtémoc Blanco is the greatest player that has ever existed. He's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

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    8. Plus he gave us the single most revolutionary move that totally changed how we play the game: La Cuauhtemiña.

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    So beautiful.

    9. América gave the world the single most hottest goalkeeper that has ever lived: Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa.

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    You're welcome, world.

    10. And let's not forget about the former coach, the man, THE LEGEND Miguel "Piojo" Herrera:

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    11. It doesn't matter what the year was, América has always had the greatest uniform in the world.

    Eat your heart out, [Insert football team here].

    12. We find Cruz Azul to be annoying AF.

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    13. Oh, and Pumas. We hate you, too.

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    Seriously, we hate you. Why don't you go back to class...

    14. Estadio Azteca isn't just the most breathtaking stadium in the universe. It's home.

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    15. This isn't just any ordinary team anthem. It's the anthem to LIFE.

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    16. Whenever we win a championship, we like to tune in and see what José Ramón Fernández has to say about it...just for kicks.

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    17. Every time we win, we'll always hear someone bickering about how América bought the game. To which we say...

    "We won. BYE!"

    18. We KNOW everyone in the civilized, boring soccer world hates us. But that's OK. Because we love your haterade.

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    19. We are the proud super villains of Mexican soccer and wouldn't have it any other way...

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    ...because after all, we have the greatest soccer team in the history of the sport.

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    And everyone else is just jealous of us.