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    We Tasted Two Iconic Mexican Hot Chocolates And This Is What Happened

    Are you Team Abuelita or Team Ibarra?

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    So, when it comes to Mexican hot chocolate, there are two brands that dominate the market: Chocolate Abuelita and Chocolate Ibarra.

    Chocolate Abuelita was first launched in Mexico City in 1939, before being acquired by Nestle in 1995.

    Chocolate Ibarra was first launched in 1946. Today, Ibarra is controlled by the Ibarra Chocolate Group and is produced by Chocolatera Jalisco in Guadalajara.

    While they're both delicious and they both have their fair share of fans, the question remains: WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?

    So, we did the only logical thing:

    First, we had them try Chocolate Abuelita.

    Some people liked it from the very first sip.

    And some people felt emotionally satisfied.

    Then we had them try Chocolate Ibarra.

    Some people were taken aback by the taste.

    And some thought the taste was the real deal.

    After everyone tasted both brands, it was finally the moment of truth: WHICH ONE TASTED BETTER?

    While everybody loved both, ultimately Ibarra won the battle with a final score of 5-3.

    It doesn't matter if you're Team Abuelita or Team Ibarra. When you're drinking Mexican hot chocolate, everybody is a winner*.

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