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    30 Memes That Only "Super Mario Bros." Fans Will Appreciate

    Happy #MarioDay!

    1. That moment when you perform that ungodly, death-defying jump:

    Happy #MarioDay! We've been through a lot together, big guy.

    2. When you realize that some things in Mario's world don't actually make sense:

    It's #MARIODAY today! Here's our hero...

    3. When Mario somehow defies the rules of chemistry:

    #SuperMarioBros The fact that #Mario can throw fireballs at all is of course completely logical.

    4. When you realize why Bowser is in Mario Kart:

    5. When Toad is pretty much like:

    6. Whenever that ghost creeps up on you:

    7. That moment when you realize that those ghosts may actually have a backstory:

    8. Whenever you find that "1UP" mushroom:

    9. That moment when you realize you're too damn old:

    10. When Mario is responsible for ruining your birthday party:

    11. When Mario Kart pretty much prepares you for driving in Canada:

    12. When you realize that Mario is not really the brightest dude in the Mushroom Kingdom:

    13. When you come to the realization that the Goombas look like a poultry food item:

    14. When you think it couldn't possibly get any worse in Mario Kart:

    “@ComedyPics: not fair -_- ” @Jharri9 #marioproblems

    15. Seriously, though. That stupid banana:

    16. When people talk about Rainbow Road:

    17. And you all agree that...

    18. Yo, bro...

    19. When you decide to unload just before the end of the race:

    20. When YOLO doesn't apply to Mario:

    21. When your timing is impeccable:

    22. When you realize that Mario invented a phenomenon in Super Mario Bros. 3:

    23. When you realize that the solution to all of Bowser's problems are right in front of you:

    24. When you realize that you've been using that hidden Easter egg the whole time:

    25. When it's time for a parent to step in to solve a kid's problem:

    26. When you realize how violent Super Mario Bros. 2 actually is:

    27. When you watch Wreck-It Ralph and didn't see Mario anywhere:

    28. When you face off against that horrifying demon from hell:

    29. When Luigi's death stare instills fear inside you:

    30. And finally, mushrooms:

    Everybody have a HAPPY MARIO DAY!

    Sorry Luigi...