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22 Of The Greatest Lines From "Selena" That You Will Never Forget

"I mean...anything for Salinas."

1. When a young Abraham and Los Dinos start a riot at a local Tejano spot for singing the wrong type of music:

2. When Abraham has this realization:

3. When Lil' Suzette asks Lil' Selena what she's doing randomly sitting on the roof, and she responds like this:

4. When Abraham drops this valuable life lesson:

5. When Selena learns this iconic dance move:

6. When Abraham discovers what a bustier is:

7. And he just doesn't get it:

8. When the two cholos try helping out ~SALINAS~:

9. And then when A.B. retells the magical moment:

10. When Selena reveals what her true love is:

11. When Abraham drops this truly spectacular monologue that's way too real for Mexican-Americans:

12. When Selena spoke Spanglish:

13. When Selena stands up to Abraham and professes her love for Chris:

14. When she has this "moment of clarity" just before she bungee-jumps:

15. When Abraham and Selena reconcile after she marries Chris behind the family's back:

16. When Selena sets her sights on world domination:

17. When Selena's friend gets invited to the Grammys and this is what she has to say:

18. When Selena handles this prejudiced, rude-ass woman:

19. And then after the lady finds out she's a major pop star, Selena DRAGS the nicest way possible:

20. When Selena kept it real about married life:

21. When Selena gets hungry:

22. And finally, when Selena talks about her upcoming crossover tour and she has this touching moment with her mami: