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19 People Who Prove That Glasses Are Actually Way Cooler Than Contacts

They're not just for Laney Boggs anymore.

1. Can we discuss glasses for a second?

tiarose_ / Via

2. Spectacles. Goggles. Frames. Bifocals (sometimes). Whatever you call 'em.

trish_aaah / Via

3. All kinds of damn glasses.

jhnvill / Via

4. Blue-green ones...

anna_rose_w / Via

5. ... dusty pink ones...

izziebee104 / Via

6. ... or ones that go halfsies.

7. Glasses that match your lipstick flawlessly...

juakaguerrero / Via

8. ... or show your sunny personality.

broverwhelming / Via

9. Oversized...

_sarafrances / Via

10. ... or cool on the sides...

f_lw / Via

11. ... or so pretty and delicate, they're barely even there.

withlovesindi / Via

12. Classic tortoiseshells.

haridassharanya / Via

13. Modern tortoiseshells!

14. Dapper AF horn rims...

bowtiesandbigdreams / Via

15. ... or debonair spots around your lens.

drjoegaiter / Via

16. I mean, clearly.

epapdx / Via

17. They're the perfect solution when you feel like accessorizing the hell out of your ~ensemble~.

sofullye / Via

18. So it's no surprise that you're feeling yourself a little.

jhoselinolarte / Via

19. (Okay, maybe a lot.)

imlouisl / Via

You look amazing in that eyewear — so stay fresh, four-eyed friends!

Grand Hustle Records / Via
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