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    19 People Who Prove That Glasses Are Actually Way Cooler Than Contacts

    They're not just for Laney Boggs anymore.

    1. Can we discuss glasses for a second?

    2. Spectacles. Goggles. Frames. Bifocals (sometimes). Whatever you call 'em.

    3. All kinds of damn glasses.

    4. Blue-green ones...

    5. ... dusty pink ones...

    6. ... or ones that go halfsies.

    7. Glasses that match your lipstick flawlessly...

    8. ... or show your sunny personality.

    9. Oversized...

    10. ... or cool on the sides...

    11. ... or so pretty and delicate, they're barely even there.

    12. Classic tortoiseshells.

    13. Modern tortoiseshells!

    14. Dapper AF horn rims...

    15. ... or debonair spots around your lens.

    16. I mean, clearly.

    17. They're the perfect solution when you feel like accessorizing the hell out of your ~ensemble~.

    18. So it's no surprise that you're feeling yourself a little.

    19. (Okay, maybe a lot.)

    You look amazing in that eyewear — so stay fresh, four-eyed friends!