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    17 Awesome Shirts And Onesies For Your Woke AF Baby

    Because even toddlers understand the concept of equality.

    3. Fabulously Feminist "Destroy Patriarchy" Onesie, $17.99

    Smash that shit right here.

    4. Jazzydevil "Read More Books" Onesie, $20.58

    Because you can't just rely on the evening news. Get one here.

    6. Look Human "Pro-" Onesie, $23

    Same. Get it here.

    7. TerrificPenguin MLK Onesie, $23.31

    Snag it here.

    11. UniteApparel "Strong Women in Training" Onesie, $20

    That's right! Find it here.

    13. Baby Wit Rosa Parks Onesie, $24

    Say yes to a woman famous for saying no. Get it here.

    16. Boogiemonst "Feminist Killjoy" Onesie, $23.47

    Honesty is important. Find one here.

    wife: go see if the baby sleeping *walks into baby's room* baby: corporations exploit our insecurities for profit me: no babe she woke af

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