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    23 Awesome Gifts To Help Your Stoner Best Friend Get Totally Baked

    Weed is tight, weed is tight.

    1. Young Alexander Puff Puff Pass Ashtray, $45

    Your BFF deserves to put their residual dirt in something really fancy.

    2. Moon Hay Mini Rolling Tray, $28.99

    Available in cherry or hickory wood.

    3. Cali Crusher Four Piece Grinder, $25

    Multi-level, for reaching a higher level.

    4. SunBlaster Nano Dome Kit, $32

    For growing, y'know, plants, indoors.

    5. Fruit Fantasy Ceramic Pipe, $75

    6. Beamer Cannabis Killer Candle, $19.99

    Why trust a regular candle to keep your nosy neighbor at bay, when you could be extra sure with this one?

    7. Burger and Friends Peace Pot T-Shirt, $18

    Leave it as is, or grab some fabric markers and put that stoned creativity to good use.

    8. TinkSky Magnetic Foldable Pipe, $4.90

    It's compact, cheap, and discreet. You've already won.

    9. Rawthentic Hemp Wick, $21.99

    Safer than using a lighter, to keep your favorite stoner happy and healthy.

    10. Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hits, $5.82+

    An Up in Smoke and Still Smokin' double feature is the perfect excuse to sit on your bean bag for hours.

    11. One Hit Wonder Dugout, $30

    True story: I met a girl at a party who had one of these (the dugout holds the weed) and we smoked a bunch and hooked up. It was great. Be like that girl.

    12. Purr Nano Turbine Bong, $149.99

    Like in chemistry class, except this you'll put to good use.

    13. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, $16.55

    You're about to be so fucking hungry.

    14. Dope Turtle Smellproof Container, $16.99

    So you can pet police dogs without worrying.

    15. Trip Clear Rolling Papers, $3

    So you can keep an eye on your investment.

    16. Epic Vape Desktop Vaporizer, $180

    Put it in your executive suite next to the awards and family photos.

    17. Potbox Subscription, $50+

    For your friends where it's legal. Better than Cat Fancy, no?

    18. Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Lighters, $25

    You're an adult now. Do better than Bic.

    19. The Essential Cypress Hill, $14.99

    Columbia Records

    Features classics like "Hits from the Bong," "Dr. Greenthumb," "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up," and more.

    20. Miwak Pebble Pipe, $98

    For pug nugs, etc.

    21. Satori Movement Big Leaf Crew Socks, $12.95

    In a refined-ass colorway, because you are seeing bright colors way too vividly rn.

    22. Leef and Co. Multi Tool Lighter Case, $32.99

    Keep your lighter, roach clip, and more in one place... because you know you'll forget where you put them all separately.

    23. Pax 2, $279.99

    The iPod of vapes.

    Happy holidaze!

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