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This Hilarious New Twitter Account Makes Ads That Are Actually Honest

WeFixYourAdvert has taken on everything from too-real "imperfections" to luxury cars.

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The account was started by writers Aaron Gillies and James Menzies, who say their inspiration stems from the cringe-inducing seriousness with which brands often take themselves.

"[We were] increasingly drawn into the world of brands and using the word ‘content’ with a straight face, and so we became more and more aware of the ads around us," Menzies tells BuzzFeed.


... including multiple luxury car brands...

Several luxury car brands reveal new marketing slogans


Other Twitter users have even started calling on WYFA for help with problematic ads they've spotted.

"I think people like the fact that we can respond to these ads rather than constantly being shouted at [to buy things]," says Menzies. "It's great that people are now suggesting which ads to fix next."