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    We Gave 16 Trans People Makeovers To Honor Their Idols

    "I hope when people who feel left out because of their gender expression see this post, they'll feel like we're honoring them." - Jeffrey Marsh

    Images of celebrities play a huge role in our culture, not least of all in providing viewers with representations of themselves.

    But it's all too rare that trans people see themselves reflected in mainstream media, so we spoke to 16 trans people about the icons who resonate with, if not represent, them — and (with the help of stylists from Bumble and bumble and Metro Look) turned them into their idols for the day.

    Here's what they had to say.

    1. Tyler Ford is an agender writer, speaker, and media personality.

    For this project, they decided to embody Scary Spice.

    2. KC Clements is a writer, latte slinger, and erstwhile academic.

    They wanted to take a closer look at their relationship with famous images of David Beckham.

    3. Kay Ulanday Barrett is a poet and cultural worker.

    In preparation for this project, they considered which celebrities represented important parts of their identity, and decided on Bruno Mars.

    4. Vikki Le is a model, activist, and host of Trans Models' Spill the T With Vikki Le.

    She decided to work the spotlight like an equally badass woman — Madonna.

    5. Jacob Tobia is a writer and host of NBC Out's Queer 2.0.

    They wanted to iterate on an image of David Bowie that is at once colorful and solemn.

    6. Devin-Norelle identifies as androgynous and is a transgender advocate. Ze sells Trans Is Beautiful shirts to raise funds for the Werk Those Pecs Transgender Surgery Fund.

    Ze fulfilled a childhood dream of being photographed as an icon famous for bucking gender norms: Prince.

    7. Shane Henise is a transgender advocate.

    He chose to recreate a look from one of his personal style icons, Zayn Malik.

    8. Sam Riedel is a freelance writer and editor.

    She wanted to examine the similarities and differences between herself and her favorite actress, Ellen Page.

    9. Charlie Solidum is a health care coordinator and activist.

    He decided to get dapper for the camera like his personal model of masculinity, BuzzFeed's own Eugene Lee Yang.

    10. Christopher Soto (aka Loma) is a poet and activist.

    They wanted to evoke the spirit of painter Frida Kahlo.

    11. Jack Gillard is a digital artist and media coordinator.

    He wanted to recreate a significant moment in the career of rapper Kendrick Lamar.

    12. Renée Reopell is a social worker and community advocate.

    For this project, they wanted to help keep Robert Eads' legacy alive.

    13. Linda La is a performer and poet.

    She wanted to channel singer Lauryn Hill, whose music has inspired her since childhood.

    14. Ali Harris is a LGBTQ health project coordinator and health policy advocate.

    He found his match in Queen's alternately flamboyant and introverted late frontman, Freddie Mercury.

    15. Jarrid Jones is a genderqueer performance artist, photographer, and creative.

    Jarrid wanted to follow in the footsteps of singer Grace Jones, whose aesthetic they've admired since a young age.

    16. Jeffrey Marsh is a Vine star and author with Penguin Random House.

    They wanted to honor their childhood idol, Wonder Woman — and some other people, too.

    Special thanks to:

    Hairstylists: Mischa Golebiewski, Frankie Meyerson, Sabrina Michals, James Ruiz, Christiaan Van Bremen, and Lucas Wilson for Bumble & Bumble

    Makeup artists: T. Cooper and Dana Arcidy of Metro Look

    With wardrobe courtesy of: Culture Cross Jewelry (Tyler's necklace); Men's Wearhouse (Charlie's suit); Fleur du Mal (Vikki's bodysuit); Chromat (Jarrid's bustier, pants, and arm protectors)