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    This Crazy Looking Helmet Is An Introvert's Dream

    The Tomako knows you have deadlines to meet. And that you just hate Chad in HR.

    Co-workers can be pretty cool, but they can also be the worst.

    And while invisibility cloak technology has not yet been perfected...

    ...there is a great new way to show your colleagues that you really don't want to talk.

    The Tomako is a felt hood designed by Anna Salonen and Yuki Abe of Finland's Mottowasabi, and its purpose is to insulate you from noise... well as making it very obvious that you need some alone time.

    So homey. So familiar. So womb-like.

    There's even a version just for your laptop, in case you accidentally click into a nude photoshoot without considering it miiiiight just be NSFW.

    But the suspended Tomako is extra cool, because you only get so many opportunities in life to look like this guy.

    Or like a minimalist Marvin the Martian.

    Or like your head has its own personal hobbit house.

    Thanks to the Tomako, you and your co-workers can even ignore each other as a team.


    H/T Co.Exist