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    This Fashion Magazine Is Putting Every Reader On Its Cover

    "It is about time we celebrated who we are."

    Slink is a UK-based magazine for women size 14 and above. Since launching in 2010, the publication has spread across the shelves in 15 countries.

    For this month's "Perfection Issue," Slink teamed up with app Blippar to create the first ever interactive plus-size fashion magazine.

    In a prepared statement sent to BuzzFeed Life, Slink editor Rivkie Baum notes that the doll box and issue's title are tongue-in-cheek references to the magazine's tagline: "Less plastic, more fantastic."

    A few #slinkettes have already posted their fiercest cover looks on social media.

    "The Perfection Issue was about reminding women that there isn't such thing as perfection," Baum says. "It is an immeasurable idea."

    "We spend our time striving to look like models, photoshopped images and the dolls of our childhood ... It is about time we celebrated who we are, not the media ideals we think we should be."

    To add your own Slink cover to the mix, use Blippar to insert your photo into the template, tag it #slinkette #slinkmagazine #lessplasticmorefantastic, and share it on Instagram.