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20 Women On What They Want To Change About Fashion

"Fashion is for every body."

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BuzzFeed Life visited the inaugural CurvyCon this past weekend, where we asked 20 of the stylish, brilliant, thoughtful, sassy women we met to tell us what they'd change about the fashion industry if they could. Here's what they had to say.

15. Arianna Varas


"I would love for the number on an article of clothing to no longer determine how society views the look, health, and beauty of a woman or man. We are all BEAUTIFUL, no matter what!"

17. Chauncéa Carothers


"I would love for every individual to feel empowered by what they wear, for clothes to unite us, not divide us, and for fashion to be universally embraced no matter what your class, race, and gender is! Fashion = Love."

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