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    27 Big Things People Are Letting Go Of This Year

    BuzzFeed readers weigh in on clutter, illness, fuckboys, and beyond.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what they planned to let go of for the year ahead. Here are the results.

    1. "I'm going to forgive myself and everyone else who's hurt me, because I deserve to be happy." Submitted by Jacqueline Elizabeth Arnott, Facebook

    2. "I'm spring cleaning in the winter. I'm so tired of feeling cluttered that everything must go!" Submitted by samanthan4dfd5995c

    3. "I'm leaving behind my shitty attitude about work. Sometimes I complain too much, but honestly I should be grateful I have a job. Lots of people would love to work where I work. So yeah, leaving my ungratefulness behind." Submitted by fourohtwo

    4. "Meat, dairy, and negativity." Submitted by laetitiam471dc5281

    5. "My immediate family who don't appreciate me, and an 'un-boyfriend.' I intend to focus on my research for my fourth degree, and to make 2016 awesome." Submitted by Taryn Herbst, Facebook

    6. "I'm trying to leave my postnatal depression behind." Submitted by Blodynbach

    7. "Excuses. Excuses for why I never travel to the places I want to go. Excuses for why I am not happy with myself. Excuses for why I feel like I'm always struggling. I'm getting shit done this year." Submitted by kelseyfosho

    8. "I'm leaving the U.S.A. behind! My fiancé and I have been offered jobs in Portugal and we'll be making the move in the next month. It's something we've wanted for so long and now it's finally happening!" Submitted by Alex Glandorf, Facebook

    9. "I'm letting go of my fear of disappointment, and of the unrealistically and unhealthily high standards I've held myself to. It's time for me to start actually trying." Submitted by Kristian Williams, Facebook

    10. "I got rid of everything I don't use anymore. Literally everything that fits that bill. Old holiday decorations, clothes, books, housewares, shoes, accessories, an old TV. Expired food, makeup, toiletries, EVERYTHING." Submitted by chelseanoelle

    11. "A shitty boyfriend, and my state of mind that said his actions were okay. He forgot my birthday, blamed me for things that weren't my fault, and put me through the emotional ringer... but now I see me for the boss bitch I am." Submitted by torip4c26d0bbb

    12. "Smoking. Six years was enough of this smelly death stick." Submitted by Alexa Tóth, Facebook

    13. "Worries about self-expression. I've finally found myself, and if myself is someone who listens to 2000s pop-punk and emo music and reads Frerard fanfiction, so be it." Submitted by Emily Marie Dykhouse

    14. "Fuckboys." Submitted by l42b3360b9

    15. "I'm leaving behind people who aren't good friends to me; I've finally decided I deserve better." Submitted by rachely4c33770e2

    16. "I'm leaving behind my fear of being alone. My aim for 2016 is to stop blaming myself for my social anxiety, and to be okay with my own company." Submitted by strangeandcharm

    17. "My womb. I had a hysterectomy in August and in 2016 plan to rebuild my life that's been on hold while I battled endometriosis." Submitted by christabeld

    18. "I'm letting go of being insecure around people I shouldn't give a damn about in the first place." Submitted by Jill McWilliam, Facebook

    19. "I came out. I am a single mom. I am ready to stop sugarcoating who I am, to delve into the gay community, and to leave behind the idea that I need to be what everyone else wants in order to raise my daughter." Submitted by kacyemh

    20. "I'm leaving behind my never-finish-anything mindset. It's been a problem since I was young, and I'm sick of letting myself down all the time." Submitted by Potaito

    21. "An eating disorder, I hope." Submitted by giuliaf4a26132fa

    22. "I'm leaving behind my pushover self. I'm willing to stand up to people now and tell them how I feel and not bottle it all up." Submitted by eliseh425006511

    23. "I'm leaving behind my habit of hating on people and things. The past few months I've realized that I'm just too old to hold on to negative things and I just need to move on." Submitted by kyled476a98496

    24. "My job. I'm leaving behind a job where crying, anxiety, and insomnia was the norm. 2016 is about getting me healthy again!" Submitted by jenmills83

    25. "I'm leaving behind treating my body like dirt. I'm going to start eating right, consistently, and exercising, consistently. My body is going to be with me for a very long time. I have to start treating it right." Submitted by ErikaIsHere

    26. "I'm dropping my cheating, unloving spouse, and saying hello to loving myself and being the awesome person I am." Submitted by rcarrillo

    27. "Self doubt. It's time to recognize all that I've accomplished and all I have in store for my future!" Submitted by courtneyh466e3012c

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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