#ThighReading Shows What Thighs Actually Look Like

    The body-positive hashtag encourages femoral fortune-telling.

    Have you heard about #ThighReading yet?

    The hashtag was coined earlier this month by Twitter user princess_labia, who likened a photo of her thighs to the practice of reading the lines on one's palm.

    palm readings <<<< thigh readings

    Since then, women have been posting photos on various social media networks, and sharing the stories of their lumps, bumps, and other so-called flaws...

    ...including stretch marks...


    Just heard about this whole #thighreading thing & I love it. Love yourself, battle scars & all! 1 more surgery to go

    I survived bone cancer. My legs aren't a symbol of beauty; they're meant to take me on great adventures #thighreading


    ...and more.

    TW: self harm scars Purple stretch marks, scars, cellulite and all, love yourself 💞 #thighreading #bodyposi

    Thigh reading is a beautiful movement & should be supported! Body positivity looks great on everyone! #thighreading

    Even those not posting their own photos are getting in on the body-positive party.

    #thighreading helps so much. I didn't realize that so many other people have stretch marks wow now I feel like a normal human being

    #ThighReading Ain't no shame we're all the same 💜

    #thighreading ❤️ loving imperfections

    "Because we never see any images in the media that are not photoshopped or altered in some way, [we] feel the way the way we look is not normal," princess_labia told MTV News.

    "[The response to the hashtag is] exciting because you get responses like, 'I didn't realize how many girls had this' or 'it makes me feel more comfortable having these' or 'the more I look at them the more beautiful I realize they are.'"